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Tim Burton Stain Man Mug

This is an adorable and artistic mug based around Tim’ Burton’s ‘Stain Man’. It is heat activated so the stain will appear when you add hot liquid! Makes a great gift for the Tim Burton fan in your life, or is just a perfect little mug for every day use! It is well detailed and sure to please those who sip from it. Make sure you hand wash it though so it retains its heat transforming abilities.

Tea Mug with Stainless Steel Infuser

Check out this tea mug with a built in stainless steel infuser. A stylish design with the influence of practicality is found here. A must have for the tea drinker on the go. Save yourself time and effort! Designed to be used with loose tea, tea bags, or coarse ground coffee and crafted with the intentions of making it easy to use, easy to clean, and leak free.

Deep Tea Diver – Loose Tea Strainer

What an adorable way to steep your tea! A fun, cute, and practical accessory for any regular tea drinker. Makes a great gift for the tea savvy individual. Loose tea is generally fresher and of a higher quality than pre-bagged tea. Do yourself a favor and try some high quality loose leaf tea today!