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Gun Mug

Take a shot of caffeine straight to the face – 10 points! – with this Gun Mug. The sleek black handle will empower you with every sip of your equally black coffee, as the owner of a mug this favorable wouldn’t have it any other way. You will feel protected even though you aren’t armed! Great gift for the NRA member you love or hate! We recommend reloading when the clip is empty.

Grenade Mug

“Please take a number so I can end your career.” Check out this novelty gag that will be a sure hit around the office. Let your co-workers know that you mean business by proudly displaying your interest in taking down the entire office.

Flashing Colorful Beer Mug

Not all mugs are created equal. This mug certainly should not be used for your coffee or tea, but we would argue that it can be used for something better: alcohol. Step into the party scene equipped with this Flashing Beer Mug. Everyone will state how hip and awesome you are as you tote this bad boy around. You will be grippin’, sippin’, and causing seizures to those around you. Enjoy. (made from acrylic)