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Pusheen Polka Dot Mug

This adorable ceramic Pusheen mug is the purrfect gift for any fan of this adorable little cat. Pridefully take a gulp of tea, or dip your cookies into a bath of milk, just like a real cat would do, with this delightful mug.

Pug Mug

Hey! A mug shaped like a cube, or a pug, depending on your own perceptions… I guess. Either way if you are a fan of geometrically gratifying mugs that defy what you understand about a cylinder this mug is for you. At the same time, if you simply love pugs this mug will be your match.

Colorful 6 Mug Stack

Practical and delightfully cute and modern. This 6 mug stack will look great on any table, counter-top, or appliance. If you are looking for some daily use mugs with a contemporary design these are certainly the mugs for you.

Recycling Bin Mug

No doubt in the current era being ‘green’ is cool. This means recycling things that we would otherwise simply toss into a trash bin. Sometimes recycling your tea or coffee is equivalent in importance to recycling that cardboard box. Look no further, as your dilemma has been solved. This Recycling Bin Mug is the answer you have been looking for. Quite sporty indeed. Sip strong from this delightfully cute receptacle.

Tim Burton Stain Man Mug

This is an adorable and artistic mug based around Tim’ Burton’s ‘Stain Man’. It is heat activated so the stain will appear when you add hot liquid! Makes a great gift for the Tim Burton fan in your life, or is just a perfect little mug for every day use! It is well detailed and sure to please those who sip from it. Make sure you hand wash it though so it retains its heat transforming abilities.

Shark Attack Mug

Give yourself a scare after every cup of coffee or tea with this Shark Attack Mug. The shark makes his move in shallow waters, so ensure you refill your cup regularly to avoid the threat of losing a limb. A great gag gift for the mug lover in your life.

Deep Tea Diver – Loose Tea Strainer

What an adorable way to steep your tea! A fun, cute, and practical accessory for any regular tea drinker. Makes a great gift for the tea savvy individual. Loose tea is generally fresher and of a higher quality than pre-bagged tea. Do yourself a favor and try some high quality loose leaf tea today!