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Freudian Slip Mug

This Fruedian Slip Mug is a play on ol’ Freud himself! Can’t get the mom off the mind, can you Frued? This ceramic mug will be a wonderful addition to the psychologist in the family, or the person who needs a shrink! Sip your choice beverage with some witty flare.

Flashing Colorful Beer Mug

Not all mugs are created equal. This mug certainly should not be used for your coffee or tea, but we would argue that it can be used for something better: alcohol. Step into the party scene equipped with this Flashing Beer Mug. Everyone will state how hip and awesome you are as you tote this bad boy around. You will be grippin’, sippin’, and causing seizures to those around you. Enjoy. (made from acrylic)

Tetris Heat Changing Mug

Relive the best childhood gaming experience of your life (or maybe even the gaming experience you had yesterday if Tetris is your thing) with this Tetris Heat Changing Mug. Well detailed and colorful, it will be a beautiful addition to your collection of nerd memorabilia or simply serve as a nice mug to enjoy your morning coffee or tea.