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16oz Mug by Erik Hertz

This delightfully cozy, inviting, and rustic handmade ceramic mug will be a warming presence on any brisk fall morning. Erik has been making ceramics for years and this mug holds a special place in his collection. Check out all of his wares at Even if you aren’t in the market to buy any ceramics or pottery, the sheer quality of his work is worth checking out!

Acadia Reusable To-Go Mug

Looking for a great alternative to using Styrofoam or paper to hold your morning coffee? This is an excellent option. The Acadia Reusable To-Go Mug from Coptco is dishwasher safe, offers a rubber hand grip, and has great reviews on Amazon. For a simple alternative to waste, how could you not add this mug to your morning routine?

Colorful 6 Mug Stack

Practical and delightfully cute and modern. This 6 mug stack will look great on any table, counter-top, or appliance. If you are looking for some daily use mugs with a contemporary design these are certainly the mugs for you.

Tea Mug with Stainless Steel Infuser

Check out this tea mug with a built in stainless steel infuser. A stylish design with the influence of practicality is found here. A must have for the tea drinker on the go. Save yourself time and effort! Designed to be used with loose tea, tea bags, or coarse ground coffee and crafted with the intentions of making it easy to use, easy to clean, and leak free.

Moscow Mule Copper Mug

Mugs are generally used for drinking warm beverages that contain caffeine. Here is a beautiful exception to that rule: the Moscow Mule Copper Mug. If you enjoy a good cocktail we would recommend giving the Moscow Mule a try. A deliciously satisfying drink that is as potent as it is simple. If you have had a Moscow Mule you know how different the taste is when you drink it out of a classic copper mug. Upgrade from glassware and try out this copper alternative. Check out wikipedia for information regarding this drink!

Thermos Travel Tumbler

As much as we love mugs that are flashy, funny, and unique, sometimes it is necessary to have that perfectly practical standby to deliver that glorious beverage straight to your lips. This Stainless Steel Thermos Travel Tumbler is exactly that mug. Great for use on the go, or even for a spill proof solution for home use. With the highest ratings in its category, this mug will be sure to please and deliver exactly what it claims to. Don’t get caught with a mug you can’t take on the go. What is a morning commute without a touch of caffeine?