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God’s To-Do List Mug

Ah, no better way to spend your morning sipping coffee from the mug of your creator.
This hilarious mug is the PERFECT gift for the evangelical in your life.

The list is a pretty accurate representation of God’s greatest achievements.

To-Do List:
1. Create humans
2. Drown most of them for no reason
3. Get crucified to win back their trust
4. Lay low for the rest of time

I mean just take a peek at that inviting smile. How could you fill up any other mug to start your day?

Crusader Mug

The Year was 1202 and the battlefield was a blood soaked mess. I woke up stunned, hoping the battle had ceased, or at least I could get back up to fight. I grabbed for my hilt and there was nothing there. A few paces out from where I was downed I could see a huddle of enemy soldiers preparing to execute 3 fellow crusaders: Michael, Peter, and Hogard. I felt powerless, knowing that I was in no condition to save them… that was until I remembered what I had put in my small pack earlier; my Crusader Mug. I rolled over and dug into my knapsack, retrieved it, and felt a second wind come over me. I ripped a roar as loud as the Heavenly Father and charged brazenly at my enemies. It must have been 10 or 12 men. They stood no chance, for I had the power of the Crusade within my grasp. With my blood soaked, and blood filled, mug in hand I cried out, “FOR I AM THE ALPHA AND THE OMEGA. I AM THE DESTROYER OF WORLDS. ALL MEN WILL BOW TO THE SOUL RIPPING VACUOLE THAT IS MY MUG.”

And here the legend of Maris was created. It is thought that just one sip from the contents of this mug could offer the user god strength, fortitude, and will.
Be careful if you must indulge.

Darth Vader Mug

In a Galaxy far far away…

There was the perfect mug for your favorite hot beverage. Fortunately that Galaxy just got a bit closer, because this Darth Vader mug certainly does fit the bill of a ‘perfect’ mug.

This wonderfully designed Star Wars Darth Vader Helmet Mug is the perfect addition to any mug collection. It’s larger than your average mug, holding a whopping 20oz of pure warm bliss.
With a detachable head it makes for the perfect steeping mug for your favorite tea.
Being a Sith Lord has its perks.

Take a peek at Amazon’s other wonderful star wars themed products. They will make gift giving a bit easier.

Get Sh*t Done Mug

Are you trying to inspire yourself or someone you know to ring in the New Year? Perhaps this inspirational mug will come in handy. This Get Shit Done Mug is just the reminder you need every time you fill up with your favorite tea or coffee.

Let that caffeine boost and positive thinking enhance your focus and drive.
A wonderful gift for the Type A personality friend or family member we all have.

Super Mario World Power Up Mug

This classic mug proudly displays all of the available power ups in the Super Mario World. Take your morning to the next level by getting powered up with your new favorite video game mug.

16oz Mug by Erik Hertz

This delightfully cozy, inviting, and rustic handmade ceramic mug will be a warming presence on any brisk fall morning. Erik has been making ceramics for years and this mug holds a special place in his collection. Check out all of his wares at Even if you aren’t in the market to buy any ceramics or pottery, the sheer quality of his work is worth checking out!

Acadia Reusable To-Go Mug

Looking for a great alternative to using Styrofoam or paper to hold your morning coffee? This is an excellent option. The Acadia Reusable To-Go Mug from Coptco is dishwasher safe, offers a rubber hand grip, and has great reviews on Amazon. For a simple alternative to waste, how could you not add this mug to your morning routine?

Freudian Slip Mug

This Fruedian Slip Mug is a play on ol’ Freud himself! Can’t get the mom off the mind, can you Frued? This ceramic mug will be a wonderful addition to the psychologist in the family, or the person who needs a shrink! Sip your choice beverage with some witty flare.

Deadpool Mug

Enter the world of one of your favorite Comic Book Villains. The high gloss finish on this mug is as bold as Deadpool himself and the attention to detail pulls the head mug together.

Pusheen Polka Dot Mug

This adorable ceramic Pusheen mug is the purrfect gift for any fan of this adorable little cat. Pridefully take a gulp of tea, or dip your cookies into a bath of milk, just like a real cat would do, with this delightful mug.

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